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I’m J.C. Wolfe (or Jay C. Wolfe, hence the name of my blog). I’m a fiction writer and aspiring author of fantasy and science fiction novels.

This is my blog, where I share my thoughts on various creative writing topics, my original stories and poetry, and eventually information about my books.

Feel free to explore my site and follow my blog! I hope you enjoy your stay! Happy reading!

Who is J.C. Wolfe?

J.C. Wolfe is the artistic alter ego of a shy, nerdy 20-something-year-old biologist with a colorful imagination and a lifelong dream of being a fiction writer. She is a born-and-raised American, and after finishing grad school six thousand miles away in the exotic southern region of Brazil, she once again resides in her true home in California. Her favorite literary genres are fantasy and science fiction, and she hides behind a gender-neutral pen name while she weaves her endless thoughts and daydreams into stories meant to touch hearts and inspire the imagination of any soul who might cross her path.

Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Parsimony

Word: parsimony Pronunciation: PAHR-sə-moh-nee Part of Speech: noun Definition: extreme unwillingness to spend money or use resources the scientific principle that things are usually connected or behave in the simplest or most economical way Source: Oxford...

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Word of the Week: Penumbra

Word: penumbra Pronunciation: pə-NƏM-brə Part of Speech: noun Definition: the partially shaded outer region of the shadow cast by an opaque object Source: Oxford Dictionaries Continuing from last week's theme of the total solar eclipse, today's Word of the Week...

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Word of the Week: Umbra

Word: umbra Pronunciation: ƏM-brə Part of Speech: noun Definition: the fully shaded inner region of a shadow cast by an opaque object, especially the area on the earth or moon experiencing the total phase of an eclipse Source: Oxford Dictionaries Today's the big day...

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Creative Writing Blog

The Perks of Being a Fiction Writer

Remember that post I shared last week about the hard truths of being a writer? Well, fear not; I promise you that was only half of the big picture. After all, why would anyone choose to write if it only ever brought misery? Being a writer can be just as rewarding as...

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6 Hard Truths No One Tells You About Being a Writer

So you want to be a writer. Fantastic! But have you thought it through? Do you know what it really takes to be a writer? You might think you do, but if you're only looking through rose-colored glasses at the glamour of being a famous author, you may be shocked to find...

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3 Ways Being in Love Can Inspire Your Writing

There's nothing quite like being in love, and for a writer who's passionate about romance, it can be a gold mine of inspiration. I know that ever since I fell in love (most recently), I've found it much easier to write romantic stories and poetry, and even fiction in...

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Hot Off the Press

Last Summer Weekend

Long summer vacations Always come with a final break Before the unofficial season ends. One last long weekend and we'll Return to our everyday routines. Don't waste your last days of summer! Autumn is just around the corner. You work hard all year, so enjoy! Happy...

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What I Love About You

I love you and everything about you. I love how compatible we are and how well we get along. I love how much brighter my life has been since you came into it. I love the way you look at me with those adoring brown eyes. I love the way you smile at me every time you...

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So You Want To Be A Writer

So you want to be a writer, But you don't know where to start, How to go from making scribbles To creating works of art. You have so many stories, They could fill a hundred books. But to finish even one Is much harder than it looks. So you want to be a writer, But you...

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