Happy Halloween, dear readers! The end of another month is upon us! It’s been a very busy month for me, so I’m excited to share what’s been going on in the month of October with my writing and my blog relaunch. This time I have much more exciting news to share about my books!

So to keep you up to date, here are some updates on my writing endeavors in October!

Updates on My Books

I made substantial progress on my book of dragon stories this month! I had been struggling to export a half-decent ebook from Scrivener, but a friend told me about the free Reedsy editor earlier this month, so I tried it out and was finally able to format my book with it!

I did a final round of edits on my short stories, added the front and back matter, and exported the manuscript into Kindle format. Now I just need to export a review version in PDF form and hopefully I can start sending out advance review copies of The Silver Queen soon! So exciting!

Aside from preparing to launch my book of short stories, I’ve also decided to participate in this year’s NaNoWriMo! I spent a good part of this month outlining what will be the first novel in a YA fantasy series about dragons. It will be my first NaNoWriMo ever, so wish me luck!

Updates on My Blog Relaunch and Rebranding Campaign

Not much has changed on this front since last month. I’d still like to move my blog over to SiteGround, and I have a running list in Evernote of ideas for blog posts I’d like to write once my new site is finally up and running.

In the meantime, I’ll be focusing on my book launch over the next few weeks. I hope to publish it at least by early December. Once it’s published, I can start focusing on my blog relaunch again! To those who have been waiting and asking for news, thanks for your patience!

Reminder: Guest Posts Still Wanted!

And finally, this is another friendly reminder that I’m still accepting guest post submissions to help me promote my blog relaunch! There’s still plenty of space for more posts, so don’t be shy!

If you’re interested in submitting a guest post, be sure to read the guidelines first, then sign up for my list below!

Join My Blog Relaunch Street Team!

You should receive a welcome email plus another email in a few days with instructions on how to pitch me your guest post.

Thanks again to everyone who’s signed up to help me make my book launch and blog relaunch a success! You’re all awesome!

Talk to you again soon! Until then, happy reading/writing!

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